Italy – the coffee-utopia land

I come back to this country again and again (thanks God) and I become more and more attracted by its spirit, its wonderful cuisine, its majestic history and polite, friendly and emotional people, by the Vespas and the fashion, and last but not least by the coffee. I wake up in the morning “with the sunlight in my eyes” and I am already dreaming of this first sip of the magical espresso or cappuccino. “Un caffe, per favore!”, I say only a couple of minutes later and tasting this bitterly perfect beverage, I am asking myself how the hell people all around the world are reconciled with the awful coffee they have to drink, how are they not screaming every time someone offers them a cup of something called Americano instead of espresso, how are they always walking with mugs full of suspicious black liquid and they are not miserably crying and mourning over their pointless existence.… Read the rest