You are going to Halkidiki. You have to know this!

You love it, don’t you? Ok, who doesn’t love the magical Greek peninsula Halkidiki? No one, right. But today we listen and read too much about the economic crisis and depression and the possible bankrupt of the whole country. Yes, these are all facts, but what happens in the reality in the northern part of the country and how can the crisis be felt there, is completely different question. So, the hotels are still working, the restaurants are still serving wonderful food, the real estate agencies are still selling properties and even on better prices now, because of the need of money in the country, the beaches are still brilliant and endless, the water – beautifully azure and clear, and a particular reason for cancelling your trip doesn’t really exist. So start packing and take a look at these things you better know. 

Have more cash

There is a high probability that if you try to get some money from one of the many ATMs there, you won’t succeed. This is, however, not a problem, if you have the money you will need for your entire holiday with you.

So if you think that you will spend 500£, get 800£ with you so that you will be calm and won’t worry about money when you are in the heaven on Earth itself.

Have your medicine

This is maybe the only real problem there that may bother you and even cause you some inconvenience. Unfortunately, the drug stores there are not working properly and too many of the medicines that are vital are also out of stock. So you know yourself very well and you can predict what you may need there, take some more medicine and don’t panic, you are not going in an uncivilized country and in Halkidiki all hospitals and medical centers are open.