The top 3 disadvantages of living in a home to rent and how to deal with it

When we are talking about a rented home and a life in one of those, we almost always mention the numerous advantages only. And, yeah, they are all true and sound so nice, but as we know the reality is not full of rainbows and butterflies only and is not that nice, we have to mention the disadvantages as well and not only that, but we have to find a way to cope with them all. So let’s stop deluding ourselves, trying to be convinced that there is no heaven other than the rented property and face the ugly truth – sometimes living in such a place can be hard, sometimes unpleasant and sometimes you will want to leave so desperately much, to go somewhere else, to never go back there again. And then, the clouds will break up and everything will be sunny again, you careless and free and your home the best place to go back to after every long adventure and after every day spent at work. So, my friends, the truth is that if you learn to deal with the disadvantages, your life will be a lot nicer.

You cannot make it personal

You have just found a home you really like, and you have just started thinking that this one is the perfection itself, when you understand that you cannot hang something on the walls, you cannot paint them, so you are wondering, what would really make a change? This drives you mad, how come, for God sake? Well, if you like this home so much, you will find a way to make it personal by putting frames with photos and pieces of art on every table and shelf and free surface. You will add cushion and candles and other little things that are the spirit of the house indeed.

Your kitchen turns out to be a disaster

This is something you didn’t expected and that’s why you were so disappointed. Well, the truth is that most of the rental kitchen suck, but if you contact a promising agency like DAA Residential, they will find you a seriously nice home to rent. The appliances will function there and the oven won’t have to be preheating an hour before the actual cooking or baking. It won’t be that small, the entire kitchen, I mean and you will be able to enjoy cooking every day and night. Magic.

You have floor-to-floor carpeting

You didn’t know that this is the hell itself. There is not a single spot in this place where there is no carpet and for this reason, you are constantly scared of spilling something and making a stain, which, however, is unavoidable, because no matter how hard you try, there always comes a moment, when you unintentionally spill coffee on that lovely floor and then spend ridiculously great amount of time removing it. Idyll. Next time, say “no” to such an apartment.

Amanda Abbey

Hi, I am law student and a mountain biker. I like the mountains because the silence there can make you think about everything in life and only up there you can fully and truly enjoy the beauty of the nature, its balance, uniqueness. You are alone and together with so many creatures in the same time. There is no civilization, no fast food, no Facebook, but real sensations, emotions, people. And as I love the high speeds and I am a thrill seeker, I adore going up there with my mountain bike. I met wonderful people who turned out to be my best friends. This hobby is my temporary escape from the reality. Back in the everydayness in this blog I write about all my experience, so have a nice time reading.