Home alone in a place to let: is it worth it?

Let’s start with the simple idea of living alone, an idea, which seems to be pretty amazing in this absurd and sometimes too illogical world we live. You want freedom, right? But where could you find freedom today? At your work place where the boss is the one who creates the rules and you the one who is following them, on the streets, in the tube, in the supermarket, where simple signs are telling you what to do, there is no freedom there. And you are indeed a prisoner of your own phone, or laptop you cannot live without, because you won’t be able to check your Facebook million times a day then, you won’t be constantly texting and you’ll have to talk with people in person. Freedom is rare, my friends, but what I could guarantee, is that you can find it in your home, only if you are living alone. And that’s not a task too strenuous, a task beyond your strengths, so the only thing you should do is ask yourself a couple of questions.

Can I afford it?

Well, living alone has a whole list of awesome advantages, but what we should admit is that it will be indeed more expensive than sharing home with other people. So, don’t jump directly into the unknown, but make a budget and even contact your accountant and make a little consultation, because his expert advice will be most probably really useful.

Where is the perfect place for me?

When you are living alone, you don’t need a spacious house in the suburbs, but a small studio apartment, so you better contact a real estate agent, someone from a promising agency like DAA Residential, a person you can trust and discuss with him all the options.

Amanda Abbey

Hi, I am law student and a mountain biker. I like the mountains because the silence there can make you think about everything in life and only up there you can fully and truly enjoy the beauty of the nature, its balance, uniqueness. You are alone and together with so many creatures in the same time. There is no civilization, no fast food, no Facebook, but real sensations, emotions, people. And as I love the high speeds and I am a thrill seeker, I adore going up there with my mountain bike. I met wonderful people who turned out to be my best friends. This hobby is my temporary escape from the reality. Back in the everydayness in this blog I write about all my experience, so have a nice time reading.