Does the real estate agent really make your life that easier?

The house hunting is stressful and tense, the initial enthusiasm too often dies with the first tour around 10 homes which were meant to be liked by you, but in the reality have nothing in common with how your dream house looks like. You were told so many times that looking for a home to buy is an unforgettable experience, something you will remember for a life time, but the ugly truth is that it is annoying and tiring and it is nothing like what you expected. Every time you start talking about the house hunting with a friend or a relative, they so enthusiastically say: “oh, lucky you”, that you are wondering, is something wrong with you or is something wrong with them? Not being able to give up, simply because you have reached that moment in your life when you need a house, you need certainty and you have a particular amount of money you want to invest right into this purchase, you are in two minds, not being sure, if consulting with a real estate agent is seriously that good and is it indeed worth it. Well, there are some pro’s for sure that will make your life a lot easier, take a look!

Help you understand what you really want

You are looking for a home, but except for an image of the house of your dreams in your mind, you cannot say anything concrete and this makes the whole house hunting thing really hard. Differently said you don’t really know what you won’t, because you don’t really know what you may choose from. When you first contact the real estate agent or meet him, he will ask you some questions, which are pretty important, like: do you want a furnished or a non-furnished home? Do you want better location or bigger house? Are you ok with paying a little bit more for having an extra bathroom, for instance? These all are things you have never thought of and only now you may realize how the house you crave for looks in details.

Help you know the housing market and the neighborhood

The first thing you need to know is, of course, where you want to buy a house. When you have chosen the region, you better find a trustworthy real estate agency specialized in this same region only, like DAA Residential, for example. The agent will tell you everything you need to know about the whole neighborhood – the schools, the supermarkets, the people who live here. And when you are investing in a house, it is for good and all these things indeed matter. The next not less important thing, he will help you with is the understanding of the housing market. He will tell you which houses are the best deals right now and which are not really worth it. He will even give you some further advice and tell you whether now is the right moment for buying exactly this house. And all this seems pretty precious.


Amanda Abbey

Hi, I am law student and a mountain biker. I like the mountains because the silence there can make you think about everything in life and only up there you can fully and truly enjoy the beauty of the nature, its balance, uniqueness. You are alone and together with so many creatures in the same time. There is no civilization, no fast food, no Facebook, but real sensations, emotions, people. And as I love the high speeds and I am a thrill seeker, I adore going up there with my mountain bike. I met wonderful people who turned out to be my best friends. This hobby is my temporary escape from the reality. Back in the everydayness in this blog I write about all my experience, so have a nice time reading.