The best weekly cleaning routine

Through the years I have been living alone I have tried many different cleaning methods and routines. Firstly I took care of my house once a month, which unfortunately led to a messy and dirty home, uncomfortable and not cozy at all. I then decided that maybe cleaning once a week, at the weekend, will be the best option and I spent my free days instead of relaxing, having some lovely The best weekly cleaning routine1time out, shopping and chilling and reading, just cleaning at home. The result was logically a lot better, but I was more than unsatisfied by the fact that while my family and friends are having fun, I am stuck at home removing the stains from the carpet. I hired one of the London’s professional cleaners then, because I was moving out and I couldn’t cope with the whole end of tenancy cleaning alone. And as the lovely experts from the team which came and performed the perfect clean-up gave me some really useful advice, I made for myself some conclusion and a cleaning routine that works flawlessly and leads to a property in an always perfect condition. The first cleaning rule I learnt is that you should never ever procrastinate. Everything can be cleaned much easier at the moment you dirty, and with the time all stains can be hardly removed. With this in mind and my amateur, but useful experience as well, I made this routine, which I perform till today.

The beginning of the week is always stressful, you have a lot of tasks at work and your day is usually tense. When you go back home, however, you can spend some time relaxing on the couch, watching TV, and also take care of the appliances in the kitchen – the coffee maker, the oven, the dishwasher, the microwave. You now think that this it’s so time-consuming, but if you do it weekly, you will be amazed how easily you will cope with it all.
Today you can take care of the bathroom – wash the sink, the toilet bowl, the tiles and in between, change the towels and arrange the cosmetic products and makeup stuff you store in there.
This is the day of the fabrics and you can change the main task every week – this Wednesday is the deep carpet cleaning, the next one – the chair fabrics, after that comes the sofa and at the end – the curtains. Take them in turns and you will succeed.
You are coming home more and more tired from work and you are not so keen on the idea of cleaning. The task for todays is for that reason facile – change the bed sheets.
Oh, it’s time for relax and a why not a dinner out. No cleaning this day!
You have some more time this day so vacuum-clean the whole house and get rid of the dust. Simple and fast.
It’s a day for a late wake up, coffee in bed, easy brunch and total idleness. Enjoy it!

Amanda Abbey

Hi, I am law student and a mountain biker. I like the mountains because the silence there can make you think about everything in life and only up there you can fully and truly enjoy the beauty of the nature, its balance, uniqueness. You are alone and together with so many creatures in the same time. There is no civilization, no fast food, no Facebook, but real sensations, emotions, people. And as I love the high speeds and I am a thrill seeker, I adore going up there with my mountain bike. I met wonderful people who turned out to be my best friends. This hobby is my temporary escape from the reality. Back in the everydayness in this blog I write about all my experience, so have a nice time reading.