How to maintain the Laminate flooring

A great alternative to solid wood, laminated parquet is an attractive solution for any residential, commercial or public space. They are becoming more and more popular in the world of flooring because they are beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. There are several rules regarding the care of laminate flooring that must be respected for this type of flooring. It is important to familiarize yourself with the maintenance and cleaning instructions given by the manufacturer of your chosen laminate flooring.

Main rules:

Never clean the laminate with a wet cloth or cloth, and do not allow the surface to get too wet because there is a Image of cleaning laminaterisk that moisture will penetrate deep and damage it. The best way to clean this type of floor is a vacuum cleaner and a slightly moistened cloth.
Under no circumstances use wax or acrylic on the laminate. It is an artificial matter that does not interact well with these substances.
Under such flooring it should never be cleaned with soap or other liquid detergent. This can lead to inflating, distortion and irreparable damage to the boards and the connections between them. When choosing a cleaner, always read the label and follow the manufacturer’s advice.
When cleaning, never use abrasive cleaners or strong preparations with a high content of chlorine or ammonia.
When choosing a detergent to remove stains on the surface, you must also comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The standard cleaner is acetone, which is used to remove spots from cigarette burns or those caused by nail polish, for example. Acetone is also very useful for stains of grease, dyes, markers, lipstick, ink, glue or resin. For cleaning, use a white rag, no color, because the paint can remain on the laminate. For ease of use of the product you have chosen you can put it in a spray bottle and spray only the spots. Finally wipe with a clean, dry cloth. To remove finger marks that can not be cleaned with a cloth or vacuum cleaner, use a slightly damp cloth.
To remove stains of wax or gum, first place a piece of ice on them to harden. Then carefully scrape them with something plastic like a debit card. Under no circumstances use metal because you will scratch the surface.

Pets can also contribute to the contamination and damage to the laminate. Ensure that their nails are pruned to avoid unpleasant traces of scratching the surface.
Put protective pads on the furniture to avoid moving effects, and for moving ones such as office chairs, for example, use a protective pad.
Place the mats in front of the front door and the door leading to the garage or basement. This will reduce the risk of dirt, sand, pebbles and others that can scratch and damage the surface of the laminate.

If you follow these simple rules in maintaining your laminate, you can extend its life and enjoy it longer. But if you have carpets in your home you will need carpet cleaning Loughton.