How to: cleaning the TV screen

There was a time when the people came home after work and school and they started talking about their days, chilling, having dinner, discussing everything that excites them. There was a time when at the weekends the whole family was playing baseball and having BBQ in the backyard. And yeah, today we are still doing this from time to time, but the master of the entertainments plays a main part in our everydayness and can be found in the center of our living rooms – its majesty, the TV. And soon you hired one of the London’s professional cleaners for a deep carpet cleaning and they advised you to finally take care of the TV screen, which was then covered by 1cm dust. And only then you pondered over it and realized that you haven’t taken care of it since you moved in. Oh God, it is seriously about time for a clean-up. 


It sounds a little bit strange that you have to wait in the beginning of the clean-up, but you should turn off the TV and only after it has completely cooled down, you can start.


There are many different cleaning products specially made for TV screens, but these are indeed not the most important part. You need clean warm water and spray bottle – nothing more. Using it, you will be amazed by the result.


You need the home-made detergent only and a microfiber cloth. The truth is that you don’t have to apply a lot of liquid on the screen, because thus you can damage it, so spray a little bit and then precisely and carefully polish every part and every corner. In fact with the microfiber cloth in contrast to some kitchen roll paper or a simple cotton rag, you can achieve perfection.

Amanda Abbey

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