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5 mistakes you make when hand washing

Put the clothes in the sink before you fill it up

Image of hand washingThe strength with which water will fall on clothes can cause stress on the fabric, and if you put the detergent directly on the clothes, you risk falling deeper into the fabric’s material and rinsing it more difficult.

Instead, fill the sink or washbasin in which you will wash with lukewarm or cold water (as indicated on the label) and fill the detergent until it is full.

Then add the laundry.

Rub the spots

Aggressive scrubbing can damage tissues, especially when they are more gentle. Treat the stains gently by gently rubbing the dirty stain with a liquid detergent or stain for stains with your fingertips. Thus it will penetrate the inside of the tissue. Then immerse the garment in the soapy water several times and squeeze.Read the rest

Deal with the housework with 5 tricks for cleaning kitchen gadgets

Forget soaking for hours of burnt oil in a cast iron skillet and scrape the deep blender jar. Just follow our tips and you will see that the way to shiny clean kitchen appliances is much shorter. For more extensive house cleaning use trusted hygienists from End of tenancy cleaning North London.

Quick and easy cleaning of blender in 3 easy steps

To save stirring with a sponge in the deep and difficult blender jar, close to the dangerous blades, here’s what you should do!

  • Immediately after use, remove the jug and fill 1/3 of it with warm water. Add a little washing up liquid, and for more stubborn stains – drip and less soft abrasive detergent or pour 1 teaspoon soda.
  • Then return the jug on the motor and turn on low, gradually increased to the maximum speed for about 20 seconds.
  • Rinse under running water jug and you’re done!
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The fireplace brings luxury in ordinary home

They argue that the monkey became a man when it discovered the fire. Then on an improvised barbecue roasted meat since then, people lived happily. Maybe not true. But it is true that beautiful fireplace is like the fire of love. It warms the heart and the psychologists say that the flame is one of the most relaxing treatments for eye and brain. Designers often called the fireplace eternal center of the home.

The heating with fireplace is perceived by people as the two extremes. According to some, this is a luxury that can afford only the rich. Others believe heating in winter with such a “device” is much cheaper than most alternatives and is suitable even for the poor. However, both sides are right. First because of the significant amount that must invest household to acquire fireplace. The second, because of the cost of consumables. And they really are generally low compared with most popular alternatives for heating as Heating supplies and electricity.… Read the rest

Action Cleaning

Your friends are near your home and call that will come over to drink coffee after 15 minutes. Take a look at the mess around and you wonder how to clear everything so fast. Do not panic! I am here to help you. It turns out that there is a way to turn the chaos into an order just in a quarter of an hour. You just need a concrete action plan. Here it is:
Take care of yourself
Look yourself good in the mirror, put your clean pretty clothes, comb and put your perfume. The fact is that your friends come to see mostly you than the house. You can do this after you clean your home, but always left enough time for yourself.

Sort out the mess quickly
In the basket of dirty clothes put absolutely everything that is a mess (clothes, shoes, bags, toys, magazines, books, CDs, etc.).… Read the rest

The right mop can make getting a clean floor less of a chore

Keeping your hard floors clean is one of the huge agonies – and enormous necessities – of life. To truly evacuate all the earth and gunk stowing away in your hard floors, you need to utilize some blend of boiling point water and scouring. Including some sort of committed floor cleaner can likewise help you clean more profoundly and sterilize your hard floors.

Unless you adore getting down staring you in the face and knees and returning your to the employment, a great floor wipe will be your closest companion with regards to keeping your floors shimmering. The best cleans are anything but difficult to push, have a framework for wringing out the water, are flexibility enough to get into corners and under pantries, and won’t clasp under when you have to incline in and utilize a touch of muscle to scour. A few mops can even be utilized as dry tidy mops to set up the floor.… Read the rest

Never Use White Vinegar for Cleaning These

When you look up for an easier, cheaper, more accessible, chemical-free and environmental-friendly cleaning product online, you no doubt will pop into the white vinegar. Together with the baking soda, the lemons and a few other things, this type of vinegar is described as the most miraculous cleaning product ever. It copes with any kind of cleaning situations. It removes stains and odours. It washes windows and walls.vinegar-234340_960_720 It is cheap and you have it almost always in your house. It is the ultimate solution in a bottle. Or this is how many people and numerous articles say. But what they fail to tell you is that though it is so efficient, it just cannot cope with a few simple tasks and, moreover, if you use it for cleaning them, it will cause great damage. So better never use the white vinegar for:

The stone floors or counterparts

The stone is a natural product and it is not obtained as an output of an industrial process.… Read the rest

The best weekly cleaning routine

The best weekly cleaning routine

Through the years I have been living alone I have tried many different cleaning methods and routines. Firstly I took care of my house once a month, which unfortunately led to a messy and dirty home, uncomfortable and not cozy at all. I then decided that maybe cleaning once a week, at the weekend, will be the best option and I spent my free days instead of relaxing, having some lovely The best weekly cleaning routine1time out, shopping and chilling and reading, just cleaning at home. The result was logically a lot better, but I was more than unsatisfied by the fact that while my family and friends are having fun, I am stuck at home removing the stains from the carpet. I hired one of the London’s professional cleaners then, because I was moving out and I couldn’t cope with the whole end of tenancy cleaning alone. And as the lovely experts from the team which came and performed the perfect clean-up gave me some really useful advice, I made for myself some conclusion and a cleaning routine that works flawlessly and leads to a property in an always perfect condition.… Read the rest

How to: cleaning the TV screen

How to: cleaning the TV screen

There was a time when the people came home after work and school and they started talking about their days, chilling, having dinner, discussing everything that excites them. There was a time when at the weekends the whole family was playing baseball and having BBQ in the backyard. And yeah, today we are still doing this from time to time, but the master of the entertainments plays a main part in our everydayness and can be found in the center of our living rooms – its majesty, the TV. And soon you hired one of the London’s professional cleaners for a deep carpet cleaning and they advised you to finally take care of the TV screen, which was then covered by 1cm dust. And only then you pondered over it and realized that you haven’t taken care of it since you moved in. Oh God, it is seriously about time for a clean-up. … Read the rest

Treat your home effectively using these do it yourself guides

Treat your home effectively using these do it yourself guides

There are numerous do it yourself guides for home renovation tasks you easily do at this time which will increase the marketplace price of one’s apartment. In case you enhance your property with DIY projects, you’ll save a ton of cash. This can possibly cause a gratifying brand-new activity. The DIY overviews in this article by SKY End of tenancy cleaning guide will definitely place you on the best track.

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Cleaning after builders – a true nightmare!

Cleaning after builders – a true nightmare!

I have actually lately had my home remodelled. I have actually wanted that for several years and when we ultimately had the funds to do it, my hubby as well as I leapt at the chance. We drew the plans, we acquired all the essential products as well as we discovered builders that can perform the task. Every little thing was going actually well until the job was completed and also I might observe the filth and also dust piled anywhere since it took place that my contractors were not the most careful lot on earth. I was so upset as well as miserable with the clutter left that I started seeking solutions.

Thanks to London End of Tenancy Cleaning for this article

Finding the cleansing company

My very first resort was to get assist from an upkeep agency. I contacted them as well as got a quote for after builders washing, which I thought was extremely affordable.… Read the rest