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The Multitasking Cleaner of the New Era

We live in an era when the multitasking is the new must-do. Back in the past people had one thing in mind and did one thing at a time only. The men were hunting, while the women were preparing dinner and the children were playing with some wild animals. Or at least that is how we see those years. Some things changed with the time, but until the past century indeed not really. The men were going to work every day and the women stayed at home where they maintained the house and took care of the children, who were either building Lego or doing their homework. But we are in the 21st century now and nothing is that easy any more. People are driving their cars to work, planning their days, listening to music, talking to their children, drinking coffee, eating breakfast, swearing the other drivers, looking at the navigation, taking another sip from your cup of coffee and this all at once. And you haven’t even reached your workplace and haven’t even started this day properly. The multitasking is our savior. Only thus we could manage to do everything we should and in the same time have some a few hours for a nice book, a cuddle with the beloved one or a nice talk with friends over a bottle of wine. Yeah, multitasking is something we learn to love now. And one of its many advantages is making every cleaning task a much more pleasant one.

Work at Home and Clean your House

More and more companies these days are encouraging their employees to have a day or two in the week when they are working from their nice and cozy homes. And if you are self-employed you can have a day like this any time. But the truth is that you won’t be able to spend 12 hours working, being super effective and you will need some time for a break. Why not cleaning your house then? This will be an activity completely different from your other ones and you will be able to relax, while making your house shine. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Learn Work From Home Secret Method

Clean up your House and Do your Work Out

You want to stay fit, but you are that busy during the weekdays that you have to choose between an hour more sleep or an hour spent in the gym. And we all know how hard it is in the reality to sacrifice this hour spent otherwise in the lovely, cozy and warm bed. However, there is a way to burn calories without having to leave the house. And it’s getting even greater. At the end you will have a perfect looking house. Vacuum and dust and you have done your daily work out.

No matter whether you will invite a bunch of friends who will help you by the spring cleaning or you will watch the new episode of your favorite series, you could have fun while bringing your place in a perfect condition.

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Deal with the housework with 5 tricks for cleaning kitchen gadgets

Forget soaking for hours of burnt oil in a cast iron skillet and scrape the deep blender jar. Just follow our tips and you will see that the way to shiny clean kitchen appliances is much shorter. For more extensive house cleaning use trusted hygienists from North West London End of Tenancy Cleaners.

Quick and easy cleaning of blender in 3 easy steps

To save stirring with a sponge in the deep and difficult blender jar, close to the dangerous blades, here’s what you should do!

  • Immediately after use, remove the jug and fill 1/3 of it with warm water. Add a little washing up liquid, and for more stubborn stains – drip and less soft abrasive detergent or pour 1 teaspoon soda.
  • Then return the jug on the motor and turn on low, gradually increased to the maximum speed for about 20 seconds.
  • Rinse under running water jug and you’re done!

Dirty microwave?

For dry or burnt spots on the microwave, no need to rub hard or soak with expensive preparations.

  • Mix 1 cup water with the juice of 1 lemon and pour the mixture into deep dish suitable for microwave.
  • Run oven for about 5 minutes – the mixture should boil inside.
  • The moisture will evaporate during this process will help to soften the stains, then you just have to wipe and dry the walls of the appliance.

Ice, lemon and salt for easy cleaning coffee jug

Hardly you expected, but this strange mixture does magic in turning brown jug coffee filter . Fill 1/4 of it with ice, add the juice of half a lemon and sprinkle the top 2 tablespoons salt. Shake the mixture in jug in a circular motion for about 2 minutes, and then only rinse with water.

Friendly method for cleaning cast iron vessels

Cast iron containers are extremely durable and can serve you for years if you know how to clean and maintain. The salt here to the rescue!

  • Sprinkle 1 tablespoon salt on the surface of the court and moisten cotton cloth with little soap (washing up liquid), and then wipe carefully and thoroughly.
  • Rinse with warm water and dry.
  • To restore smoothness and shine to the surface – soak a piece of kitchen paper with a little oil and go inside the cast iron vessel with a circular motion.

Seamless cleaning of the kitchen grater

Randy is one of those things that every housewife has in her kitchen. When scraping sticky products such as cheese, cleaning becomes a difficult task. Here are two simple tricks that will help:

  • Even before use smear surface of the planer with slightly soaked in oil cloth. This creates a safety filter and the dirt falls in times easier.
  • Once already soiled grater cleaned most easily with brush containers and detergent. Pass reverse the incisors direction with pressure to remove all impurities without too much effort.

And to clean your entire home effortlessly connect with professionals in this field.

How to Clean Stainless Steel?

Maintaining your home clean is full of ironies, don’t you think? You need to wash your bathtub, even though water runs there every time you use it as well as your washing machine and your dishwasher. It’s funny that even our modern-looking stainless-steel appliances need maintenance too… read more here

The fireplace brings luxury in ordinary home

They argue that the monkey became a man when it discovered the fire. Then on an improvised barbecue roasted meat since then, people lived happily. Maybe not true. But it is true that beautiful fireplace is like the fire of love. It warms the heart and the psychologists say that the flame is one of the most relaxing treatments for eye and brain. Designers often called the fireplace eternal center of the home.

The heating with fireplace is perceived by people as the two extremes. According to some, this is a luxury that can afford only the rich. Others believe heating in winter with such a “device” is much cheaper than most alternatives and is suitable even for the poor. However, both sides are right. First because of the significant amount that must invest household to acquire fireplace. The second, because of the cost of consumables. And they really are generally low compared with most popular alternatives for heating as Heating supplies and electricity. When putting a fireplace the serious cost per family is the initial. Naturally, cheapest options that are suitable and for apartments are not in the true sense of fireplaces that we used to see. But they do the same job and are much more convenient for installation in panel blocks.
Fireplace with camera for concealed installation with a water jacket
The fireplace with built-in camera also works on the principle of convection, warmed by the fireplace air attracts cold air from the room, which is heated to and rises. The heated air is suspended from the lid of the stove and goes through the bars. The efficiency of the camera with a closed chamber is usually around 75%, while the fireplace with open chamber has a very low efficiency – only about 10%.
Where to place the heater?
If you want the heat to be uniformly distributed in the room it is better to put the device in the middle of the room. If you locate the fireplace near the wall, you will save space, which is preferable, if space in the room is limited. Moreover, you can connect it to the chimney easier. The other option is to embed the camera in a partition wall – for example, between the living room and kitchen.

How to build your own fireplace?

Based camera veil and metal profiles are some of the important components of the fireplace. Foundation you can build from aerated concrete blocks that it is better to stick with a special heat-resistant glue. On the last block of the base insert top marble, granite or other solid material that can support the weight of the camera.

After placing the camera on the base is constructed veil of fire special fire resistant gypsum board mounted on a metal frame. Note that between the camera and the walls must be at least 10 cm away. For isolation of the fireplace, you can use special marl wool covered with aluminum foil. Wool is non-combustible and can withstand very high temperatures. Aluminum foil remains on the inside of the fireplace and serves to reflect the heat. Thus severely limiting heat loss.

To be a home cozy and comfortable, it is not enough to have a great fireplace. It is important to always keep your home clean and tidy. Nice will be, occasionally to use experts like professional cleaning services Tunbridge Wells.

Action Cleaning

Your friends are near your home and call that will come over to drink coffee after 15 minutes. Take a look at the mess around and you wonder how to clear everything so fast. Do not panic! I am here to help you. It turns out that there is a way to turn the chaos into an order just in a quarter of an hour. You just need a concrete action plan. Here it is:
Take care of yourself
Look yourself good in the mirror, put your clean pretty clothes, comb and put your perfume. The fact is that your friends come to see mostly you than the house. You can do this after you clean your home, but always left enough time for yourself.

Sort out the mess quickly
In the basket of dirty clothes put absolutely everything that is a mess (clothes, shoes, bags, toys, magazines, books, CDs, etc.).
At this moment there is no time for sorting and returning things to their places. The goal is to lose the things from the visual field (such as hide them in the closet or cabinet, for example). Collect all the dirty dishes, food residues and take them into the kitchen. Put them in the dishwasher or under the sink. You do not have time to wash the dishes, just hide them.

Wipe the dust
With wet wipes clean the mirrors, picture frames, TV, computer screen and windows that are not covered with curtains or something else.With special wipes for wood (or universal) wipe the coffee table, cabinets, library, wardrobe and all visible surfaces. Arrange decorative elements, with a manual vacuum clean the bed, armchairs, arrange the cushions and tablecloths. If you have time, hastily wipe the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

Get rid of the bad odors
Open the windows to be ventilated the premises, light scented candle or spray with room freshener. Dispose of the garbage bins. The nice scent always creates an association of purity.

Tidy the entrance
The first thing your guests will see is the entrance hall. Move the whole mess from the entrance area (surplus of jackets, coats, shoes, bags,etc.) and organize what’s left. Quickly wipe the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

Now for 15 minutes you are ready to welcome your guests in seemingly clean, tidy and well-smelling home. if you are not a fan of stressful situations and unexpected guests, if you do not have enough time to keep your home always clean I can put on the table another solution. I live in Royal Tunbridge Wells and use the End of tenancy cleaning Royal Tunbridge Wells services. You can search such a company in your area also. There are a lot of services you can choose from like One off Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Regular Domestic Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Oven Cleaning, etc. Note that this is an extraordinary quickly action plan for house cleaning in emergency situations. The home should always be clean and well maintained so the plan is not suitable for thorough home cleaning.

The right mop can make getting a clean floor less of a chore

Keeping your hard floors clean is one of the huge agonies – and enormous necessities – of life. To truly evacuate all the earth and gunk stowing away in your hard floors, you need to utilize some blend of boiling point water and scouring. Including some sort of committed floor cleaner can likewise help you clean more profoundly and sterilize your hard floors.

Unless you adore getting down staring you in the face and knees and returning your to the employment, a great floor wipe will be your closest companion with regards to keeping your floors shimmering. The best cleans are anything but difficult to push, have a framework for wringing out the water, are flexibility enough to get into corners and under pantries, and won’t clasp under when you have to incline in and utilize a touch of muscle to scour. A few mops can even be utilized as dry tidy mops to set up the floor.

The one component that a story wipe truly needs (except for splash mops, which don’t get as wet) is a powerful approach to wring out the clean head. Something else, the clean will be overwhelming, abundance water will pool on the floor, and the wipe won’t ingest that fluid, so the floor will take everlastingly to dry. The greater part of the floor wipes and turn wipes in this report either have some kind of indispensable wringer, or can be combined with a pail with an implicit wringer.

A downside to most floor 6844193965_73c9d2f72e_bwipes and turn mops is that the water in your pail will get dirtier as you wipe. The arrangement is to either utilize two cans (one for cleaning, one for washing), utilize a twofold sink (which implies you need to continue strolling forward and backward to the sink), or do one go for cleaning and a second go for flushing, changing the water in the can in the middle of the two passes.

Before you can wet wipe, you need to begin with a laundry to evacuate greater garbage a wipe can’t deal with. That implies either clearing with a sweeper, tidying with a tidy wipe, or utilizing a decent vacuum cleaner intended for hard floors. We cover vacuums that will get your floors prepared for wet wiping in discrete reports on upright vacuums, canister vacuums and stick vacuums. Likewise, in the event that you truly require a profound cleaning, we suggest some best spin mops for that undertaking too.

Never Use White Vinegar for Cleaning These

When you look up for an easier, cheaper, more accessible, chemical-free and environmental-friendly cleaning product online, you no doubt will pop into the white vinegar. Together with the baking soda, the lemons and a few other things, this type of vinegar is described as the most miraculous cleaning product ever. It copes with any kind of cleaning situations. It removes stains and odours. It washes windows and walls.vinegar-234340_960_720 It is cheap and you have it almost always in your house. It is the ultimate solution in a bottle. Or this is how many people and numerous articles say. But what they fail to tell you is that though it is so efficient, it just cannot cope with a few simple tasks and, moreover, if you use it for cleaning them, it will cause great damage. So better never use the white vinegar for:

The stone floors or counterparts

The stone is a natural product and it is not obtained as an output of an industrial process. Having stone in your house makes it look fancy, but trying to clean it with white vinegar could spoil it and make it look awful.

The iron

No matter where it is, you should now from your Chemistry classes in High School that metals and acids should never be mixed or should never have any kind of interaction. And in real life this means that you should not try cleaning the iron, which has a layer of metal at its bottom, with white vinegar, the simplest natural acid.

The hardwood floor

It is beautiful and makes you feel cosier in your own home. However, if you clean it with white vinegar, you risk its well-being. This type of flooring requires special care and even cleaning it with warm water may damage it a lot.

The best weekly cleaning routine

Through the years I have been living alone I have tried many different cleaning methods and routines. Firstly I took care of my house once a month, which unfortunately led to a messy and dirty home, uncomfortable and not cozy at all. I then decided that maybe cleaning once a week, at the weekend, will be the best option and I spent my free days instead of relaxing, having some lovely The best weekly cleaning routine1time out, shopping and chilling and reading, just cleaning at home. The result was logically a lot better, but I was more than unsatisfied by the fact that while my family and friends are having fun, I am stuck at home removing the stains from the carpet. I hired one of the London’s professional cleaners then, because I was moving out and I couldn’t cope with the whole end of tenancy cleaning alone. And as the lovely experts from the team which came and performed the perfect clean-up gave me some really useful advice, I made for myself some conclusion and a cleaning routine that works flawlessly and leads to a property in an always perfect condition. The first cleaning rule I learnt is that you should never ever procrastinate. Everything can be cleaned much easier at the moment you dirty, and with the time all stains can be hardly removed. With this in mind and my amateur, but useful experience as well, I made this routine, which I perform till today.

The beginning of the week is always stressful, you have a lot of tasks at work and your day is usually tense. When you go back home, however, you can spend some time relaxing on the couch, watching TV, and also take care of the appliances in the kitchen – the coffee maker, the oven, the dishwasher, the microwave. You now think that this it’s so time-consuming, but if you do it weekly, you will be amazed how easily you will cope with it all.
Today you can take care of the bathroom – wash the sink, the toilet bowl, the tiles and in between, change the towels and arrange the cosmetic products and makeup stuff you store in there.
This is the day of the fabrics and you can change the main task every week – this Wednesday is the deep carpet cleaning, the next one – the chair fabrics, after that comes the sofa and at the end – the curtains. Take them in turns and you will succeed.
You are coming home more and more tired from work and you are not so keen on the idea of cleaning. The task for todays is for that reason facile – change the bed sheets.
Oh, it’s time for relax and a why not a dinner out. No cleaning this day!
You have some more time this day so vacuum-clean the whole house and get rid of the dust. Simple and fast.
It’s a day for a late wake up, coffee in bed, easy brunch and total idleness. Enjoy it!

How to: cleaning the TV screen

How to: cleaning the TV screen

There was a time when the people came home after work and school and they started talking about their days, chilling, having dinner, discussing everything that excites them. There was a time when at the weekends the whole family was playing baseball and having BBQ in the backyard. And yeah, today we are still doing this from time to time, but the master of the entertainments plays a main part in our everydayness and can be found in the center of our living rooms – its majesty, the TV. And soon you hired one of London’s professional cleaners for a deep carpet cleaning and they advised you to finally take care of the TV screen, which was then covered by 1cm dust. And only then you pondered over it and realized that you haven’t taken care of it since you moved in. Oh God, it is seriously about time for a clean-up.  More →

Treat your home effectively using these do it yourself guides

Treat your home effectively using these do it yourself guides

There are numerous do it yourself guides for home renovation tasks you easily do at this time which will increase the marketplace price of one’s apartment. In case you enhance your property with DIY projects, you’ll save a ton of cash. This can possibly cause a gratifying brand-new activity. The DIY overviews in this article by SKY End of tenancy cleaning guide will definitely place you on the best track.

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Cleaning after builders – a true nightmare!

Cleaning after builders – a true nightmare!

I have actually lately had my home remodelled. I have actually wanted that for several years and when we ultimately had the funds to do it, my hubby as well as I leapt at the chance. We drew the plans, we acquired all the essential products as well as we discovered builders that can perform the task. Every little thing was going actually well until the job was completed and also I might observe the filth and also dust piled anywhere since it took place that my contractors were not the most careful lot on earth. I was so upset as well as miserable with the clutter left that I started seeking solutions.

Finding the cleaning company

My very first resort was to get assistance from an upkeep agency. I contacted them as well as got a quote for after builders washing, which I thought was extremely affordable. It was an all inclusive quote to wash my house with the most modern-day devices and also the use of upkeep products that are safe and eco-friendly. They were also amongst one of the most preferred firms on the marketplace so I assumed I would provide them with a go. More →